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Chiropractic care is all about helping the body work as it should, from range of joint motion and correct balance to disease resistance, normal nerve function and optimal wellness. Here at DeBole Chiropractic our chiropractor in , Dr. Mike DeBole, is dedicated to helping you experience your best state of health, whether you're rehabilitating an injury, coping with chronic pain or just striving to stay well. We accomplish this goal by addressing the needs of each individual patient through personalized natural treatments plans featuring safe, effective spinal adjustment techniques.

Correct spinal alignment is critical to good health; in fact, there's no way you can experience optimal wellness without it. The spinal column balances and supports the entire body while also housing the spinal cord, which branches off into the complex nervous system that controls every physical sensation and process. A subluxation (joint misalignment) in the spine can interfere with this network by putting pressure on nerves or nerve roots, cutting off the flow of signals while causing pain, numbness and weakness. It can even disrupt metabolic, endocrine, cognitive and immune system function. An unbalanced body also experiences unequal stresses and strains on the muscles, connective tissues and weight-bearing joints, which can lead to acute or chronic pain and make you susceptible to injuries.

What to Expect from Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment can succeed where other medical disciplines fail when it comes to providing genuine relief for these complaints. Doctors routinely prescribe painkillers to mute pain symptoms temporarily, but once the drugs wear off you feel at least as bad as you did before -- possibly worse, if your underlying condition has continued to deteriorate. Chiropractic care from our chiropractor in NY relieves symptoms naturally, in many cases freeing patients from the need to rely on heavy doses of addictive, potentially-dangerous medications. As a conservative, non-invasive treatment method, it can also remove the need to submit to the trauma of major surgery. Best of all, chiropractic are doesn't just relieve symptoms; it also treats the underlying state of "dis-ease" attributable to musculoskeletal and neurological imbalances.

Before administering any chiropractic services, we perform a detailed physical examination, including spinal screening and discussion of your medical history and symptoms. Dr. DeBole can then pinpoint the cause of your issues and administer chiropractic adjustments to correct it. Restoring normal spinal alignment relieves soft tissue strain, joint stress and nerve impingement, allowing your body to heal itself properly and liberating you from a host of physical problems. Chiropractic care is highly useful for the treatment of such diverse issues as fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, sciatica, neck pain, back pain and arthritis.

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Once you've regained pain-free range of motion, chiropractic care can help you enhance and sustain your newfound wellness. Periodic adjustments can help your nerves, tissues and physical systems keep operating at peak efficiency. Call 585-433-5680 today so we can get started on improving your quality of life!

Locations Served For Chiropractic Care

  • Brighton, NY
  • Canandaigua, NY
  • Clifton Springs, NY
  • East Bloomfield, NY
  • East Rochester, NY
  • Fairport, NY
  • Farmington, NY
  • Fishers, NY
  • Gorham, NY
  • Hemlock, NY
  • Henrietta, NY
  • Holcomb, NY
  • Ionia, NY
  • Lakeville, NY
  • Lima, NY
  • Livingston County, NY
  • Livonia, NY
  • Macedon, NY
  • Manchester, NY
  • Marion, NY
  • Mendon, NY
  • Monroe County, NY
  • Ontario County, NY
  • Palmyra, NY
  • Penfield, NY
  • Pittsford, NY
  • Port Gibson, NY
  • Rochester, NY
  • Rush, NY
  • Shortsville, NY
  • South Lima, NY
  • Victor, NY
  • Walworth, NY
  • Wayne County, NY
  • West Bloomfield, NY

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