Dr. Norman O’Dell is a chiropractor, speaker, and wellness advocate, working for several facilities, including DeBole chiropractic. He has been a consultant on health and wellness topics for numerous media outlets and the assigned chiropractor for several professional sports teams.

He received his Doctorate in 1989 from National College in Chicago and has been treating patients ever since and has been involved in community projects to improve the lives of many for two decades and running, providing the utmost care for faster and smoother recoveries.

With Dr. O’Dell and DeBole, you can find the treatment you need to help maintain optimal spinal health to let you live an active and pain-free lifestyle. To achieve that, we embrace the newest technology in chiropractic care and strictly follow a holistic approach to heal all injuries. Using chiropractic treatment in addition to spinal rehab, nutritional advice, and exercise suggestions, Dr. O’Dell treats the body from the inside out.

Top-quality care:

Dr. Norman O’Dell brings our services to New York residents for convenient and alternative health care. We offer premium, mitigating neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, improve your range of motion, restore normal nerve function, and achieve optimal wellness.

DeBole also provides specialty chiropractic care services such as pregnancy chiropractic care, spinal decompression, treating auto accident, work, sports injuries, and conducting spinal screening and X-ray tests for a more thorough diagnosis.

Choose the best care for yourself and schedule an appointment with Dr. Norman O’Dell at DeBole Chiropractic, improving your overall health and well-being.

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