Workplace Ergonomics: Why It's Vital in Avoiding Back and Shoulder Pain

March 7, 2021
Workplace Ergonomics: Why It's Vital in Avoiding Back and Shoulder Pain

How to Apply Correct Workplace Ergonomics

There is a growing body of research that shows the benefits of workplace ergonomics. Some studies have shown that in many cases, poor workplace ergonomics can cause more harm than good as it relates to productivity and overall health. 

The key lies in how you implement effective workplace ergonomic practices so you don’t experience any negative side effects. By applying these tips to your office environment, you are bound to see an improvement in productivity at work and perhaps even lower healthcare costs over time.

All individuals are different, so the best way to educate and apply correct workplace ergonomics is by conducting a personal workstation assessment for each employee. 

However, generally, the following are the different methods applied for adjusting workplace ergonomics correctly. 

  • Chair Adjustments - It is important to show employees how to adjust their chair, which needs to be at a comfortable height with feet lying flat on the floor and knees as at a 90° angle. The individual’s back should be supported by the back and seat pan, preferably with a chair with lumbar support. They should sit up straight in the seat, and take

    regular breaks away from the screen. 

  • Adjust Computer Monitors - An employee's screen should be adjusted to the proper level so that their eyes are level with or slightly higher than the top of the monitor. It should also be positioned at an arms-length away for a perfect viewing experience.

  • Keyboard and Mouse Placement - You should place the computer mouse comfortably within reach of your hands, with your wrists and forearms parallel to the desk. Wrists should be in a neutral position and are best assisted by using wrist or palm supports. The keyboard should also be slightly tilted at a comfortable distance from you.

  • Fix Positioning of Other Accessories - Employees should be mindful of their posture and position while using work equipment, like phones or calculators. Employees should not have to strain themselves in order to use these tools since this can cause long-term harm. Additionally, it's important for employees to avoid awkward postures when operating on heavy machinery or lifting objects since they could lead to injury as well.


Remember that there's no 'one-size-fits-all' solution to ergonomics, so investigate all your workers to determine their unique requirements, and this can be done by a specialist or designated staff with appropriate training.  

Ask a chiropractor to

come in and assess what kinds of injuries or pain is commonly experienced by employees and workers and take it from there. It may seem like a long and tedious process but is definitely worth it in the end.

Investing in workplace ergonomics is a prudent strategy for both employees and employers. can improve overall employee health, morale, and productivity, making it a win-win strategy for everyone involved. 

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