Did You Know? Chiropractors Can Help With Personal Injury Claims

February 27, 2021
Did You Know Chiropractors Can Help With Personal Injury Claims

There are different types of personal injuries, but they all have one thing in common—they're all accidents that happened due to someone else's negligence. With this in mind, some personal injuries may require intensive care from the hospital, while most can recover fully by getting personal injury chiropractic flagyl treatment from an experienced chiropractor.

When you suffer from injuries caused by another person's careless actions, filing a claim for compensation is your best chance at receiving all the assistance and benefits you deserve. However, in most cases, the negligent person's insurer will try to reduce your settlement as much as possible or avoid it altogether.

You can fight against this by having a personal injury chiropractor by your side, as most have much experience treating injuries and dealing with insurers and personal injury lawyers. They often become the link that ties together the different entities handling your case.

With that in mind, here are different ways a chiropractor can help with personal injury claims—allowing you to get the

care you deserve.

Improves Chances Of a Full and Favorable Settlement

Whether you get injured in a car accident or have suffered from childbirth injuries on your hips due to the negligence of a third-party, it makes sense to let them pay for your medical expenses. However, trials, settlements, and filing claims take a long time, and you may need to receive chiropractic treatment before the case official goes to trial. And just because you've received medical care doesn't mean the jury will see it as a

medical necessity.

A personal injury claim can't be settled without the right documentation, as these documents show that your chiropractic treatment was a necessary medical expense. That's why when seeking chiropractic care, ensure the chiropractor provides the following documentation:

  • Detailed Medical Charts - This should list the extent of your injuries and the severity of each secondary condition you're experiencing. These records are essential since not every symptom instantly surfaces after you get into an accident. Having the right paperwork connects your injury to the accident, ensuring you get the settlements you deserve.
  • Documentation for Treatments a Patient Receives - It isn't enough for insurance companies to see that you sought after chiropractor services. That's why you need to clear out that the services are medically necessary' for your injuries obtained from the accident, and detailed records about the treatments do just that.
  • Accurate and Complete Billing Information - State laws require that you need to file personal injury claims within a certain period of an injury, with some requiring two years while other months. Accurate and detailed billing shows that the services you rendered were promptly associated with the injuries and promptly sought after medical care.

Having all these documents in place helps your lawyer make a better case, and maximize your settlement amount, allowing you to get the justice and assistance you deserve.

Establish the Need for Care

When filing for an insurance claim, you need to show that you require immediate medical assistance. Going to a medical professional right away shows your insurers that the injury is real and caused by the incident while indicating that you're serious about taking care of your well-being and health. If you delay your visit to the doctors, you may start to look suspicious to the insurance company, leading them to think your injuries aren't that serious and that you don't need medical assistance.

They will argue that waiting for too long can cause your injuries to worsen, getting them out of paying your medical bill since you're not keen on taking care of yourself. When you visit a chiropractor immediately, you can establish a record showing that you sought medical care. Additionally, doing this helps you find out the full extent of your injuries.

Diagnose Additional Medical Conditions 

When you get involved in an accident or a personal injury case, your symptoms can change over time. Not all secondary conditions show up immediately after the initial trauma. You may experience delayed symptoms after endorphins and adrenaline decrease in your body. A chiropractor can help diagnose and document additional issues if you have new symptoms that surface.

The documentation they provide can help connect those newly diagnosed secondary conditions to the incident, increasing your chance of getting paid the right amount by your insurance company. Without this, the insurers can argue that your new injuries and secondary conditions are unrelated to the accident, using this argument to deny your claim.

Create a Treatment Plan

Going to a chiropractor right after an incident can help you get your personal injury chiropractic treatment plan underway fast, which allows you to start your road to recovery quickly and

help your case. Doing this shows you're taking steps to recover from the injuries.

If you don't begin treatment right away, your insurance company may argue that the delay may have affected your injuries for the worse and say that you won't be too injured if you started treatment sooner. When this happens, your insurer will conclude you were responsible for making it worse, so they don't need to pay the premium for your hospital bills now that you may need additional treatment. An insurance adjuster may also question if treatment is associated with your injury or not and argue that your injury isn't related to the accident.

Having an immediate treatment plan in place helps insurance companies and lawyers know the costs you'll have, helping determine the settlement amount to ensure it covers all your bills.

Provide Vital Information To Your Injury Lawyer 

Having a lawyer by your side to deal with your claims averages a settlement almost three times larger than someone who doesn't have an attorney. To get that larger settlement, your lawyer will need the facts and evidence to argue your case. They need to know the details of the incident and what happened to you due to the accident.

A chiropractor can provide the vital information needed to help your injury lawyer make a better case against the opposing party. These medical professionals can provide your lawyer with the necessary details of the extent of your injuries, treatment plans, and limitations you have going forward. The medical records you get from your chiropractor can show the cause of your injuries, which is crucial in winning your case.

These new-found details can help your lawyer calculate the amount of compensation you deserve. For instance, if your injuries have reduced your capacity to work or move well, your lawyer will argue that you're entitled to money for your lost income or suffering. Moreover, your attorney may also use the information to establish who was at fault.

Works With Insurance Companies

When you get into an accident, the last thing you'd probably want to do is dealing directly with your insurance company in the case, especially when you're not familiar with the processes—leaving you stressed and possibly worse than before. Adjusters use several strategies to get individuals to accept lower settlements. These people usually convince you to sign an agreement right after the accident, preventing you from doing any legal action further against them.

A chiropractor can help with this by directly working with your insurers. That's because chiropractic offices can bill the insurance directly, helping you avoid expensive out-of-pocket charges when you receive treatment. Moreover, a chiropractor also handles the submission of all your medical records to support your claim.

Doctor's offices, including chiropractic clinics, know how to deal with insurance companies, as they understand the processes and can help complete all the required steps fast, saving you time and money while allowing you to recover fully.

Speeds Up the Claims Process

Everyone wants to receive their incentives or cash as soon as possible, but when you're receiving ongoing medical treatment, your claims may get delayed. When you consult with a chiropractor immediately, you can speed up your healing process. When you recover faster, it can also speed up your claims process.

That's because quickly recovering can wrap up the medical portion of the injury, where insurance companies can approve and pay your claims when you're confident your treatment is over.

When to See a Chiropractor for Personal Injury

Chiropractors can help with several things that happen after a personal injury incident, including restoring your body's range of motion, mobility and mitigating pain. So, when you find yourself in a predicament, the best time to see a chiropractor is as soon as possible.

Not only do chiropractors assist with your treatment, but they also help with your diagnosis. Understanding the full scope of an injury is crucial to determine a personal injury case. Chiropractors regularly assist personal injury lawyers in determining the extent of your injuries in both the present and the future and provide a course of treatment that will https://openoralhealth.org/prednisone/ help you live pain-free and get the justice you deserve.

If you're looking for a capable and well-rounded chiropractor to help deal with a personal injury claim, you can ask Dr. Debole for a full check-up and analysis.

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