Feeling a Bit Bent Out of Shape? No MD Referral Needed Here!

December 6, 2023
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Do you sometimes feel like your body's a twisted pretzel? Aches here, pains there–and you just wish someone could help you snap back into shape?  

Well, that's what we do at DeBole Chiropractic! We're all about helping you feel your best. And guess what? You don't even need to visit your regular doctor to see us! 

Your health in your hands 

When you're feeling out of whack, you can come straight to a chiropractor without playing the waiting game.  

That's right–you don't need a referral from a medical doctor (MD) to book an appointment with us. You can come to us directly if you think something's not quite right with your body's frame—the bones and muscles that keep you upright and mobile. 

A real-life story 

Let me tell you about Kim.  

Kim is a teacher here in Victor, New York, and she loves to run. But one day, she started feeling this nagging pain in her back. She thought, "Oh no, do I need to see my doctor, wait for an appointment, and then get sent to a chiropractor?" Nope!  

Kim remembered DeBole Chiropractic, walked right in, and we got to work helping her. She was back to chasing her kindergarten class in no time–without the extra steps! 

How chiropractic care works 

So, what do we do at DeBole Chiropractic?  

We're kind of like body mechanics. When a car is out of alignment, it doesn't run right. Same with your body. We use our hands and special tools to gently fix the alignment of your bones and joints. This helps with pain and makes you feel awesome again. It's not super complicated. You don't need fancy medicine or surgeries. 

We're here for Victor! 

Our doors are always open for the Victor community. Whether you're dealing with a small twinge or a big ouch, you needn’t wait for a doctor to tell you to come see us. At DeBole Chiropractic, we're all about getting you back to your best, with no extra hoops to jump through. 

Ready to straighten up with DeBole Chiropractic? 

If your body's feeling as crooked as a question mark, come on down to DeBole Chiropractic. We're right here in Victor, and we're ready to help–no referral necessary. Give us a call or swing by and let's get you back to feeling like a straight-up exclamation point! 

Call us or visit our office to schedule your appointment today–and start your journey back to feeling fantastic! 

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