Chiropractors and Chiropractic Treatment: Benefits and Risks

July 25, 2020
Chiropractors & Chiropractic Treatment: Benefits and Risks

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Back pain affects a significant number of people every year. For many, it can be a recurring pain, while others shrug it off to their active lifestyle or to old age.

Experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime.

Chiropractic treatment promises health and general well-being free from pain, especially for back pain and other related nerve ailments. A chiropractor in Victor NY can help ease the discomfort and pain due to various causes. Pain in general including joint pain, spinal decompression, sports injuries, auto accident injuries, muscle strain, and other nerve afflictions, can be alleviated through chiropractic adjustments.

What is Chiropractic Care?

What is Chiropractic Care

Professionals who administer chiropractic treatment are called chiropractors. They use hands-on spinal adjustments as well as other natural treatments to ease the pain of a patient.

The main goal of every chiropractor is to achieve the correct alignment of the musculoskeletal structure of the body, especially the spine. When this goal is achieved, it will allow the body to regenerate itself without the help of medication or surgery.

Chiropractors use adjustments to restore the joint’s mobility that was restricted by tissue injury from trauma, like falling or repetitive stress. One of the best examples of repetitive stress is sitting with no proper back support.

For those who look for alternatives to pain relief for muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissues like ligaments, cartilage, and tendons, chiropractic treatment is a popular and effective option. Sometimes, chiropractic care can be used along with conventional medical treatment.

Reasons to Choose Chiropractic Treatment

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Chiropractic care is not only for back pain or neck pain. This is a common misconception for this treatment. People should know that this type of treatment can cover a wide range of pain relief management and it can bring benefits in unexpected different ways.

Patients who have gone to a chiropractor to relieve their pain cannot prevent it from coming back even after the pain is gone because they have experienced the amazing benefits that it can do.

If you are still in doubt whether to choose chiropractic treatment or not, let’s present some of the amazing benefits that this hands-on care can bring aside from pain relief.

1. Can heal with boosting immunity

An important thing that every individual should have is to achieve a healthy immune system, and chiropractic treatment can help with this. With a healthy immune system, your body can fight against most bacteria as well as viruses that may come into contact with, with minimal to no assistance from modern drugs such as antibiotics. Since a human’s nervous system controls every function of organs, cells, and tissues, having a misalignment can negatively affect the immune system.

With chiropractic treatment, misalignment can be corrected and free the body’s immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses. People who have maintained chiropractic treatment may experience fewer colds than those who don’t.

healthy immune system

Chiropractic treatment can help with improving digestion. The spinal cord is responsible for controlling your whole body and all its functions. It also affects the functions of the stomach and the rest of the digestive system. If the spine is not aligned properly, the nerve can send signals of more acid production, and it can result in gas, acid reflux, and heartburn.

This issue can be solved by a skilled and experienced chiropractor in Victor NY like us at Debole Chiropractic. When the misalignment is adjusted, the nerve located on the thoracic portion of the spine will work properly leading to improved digestion and elimination of stomach problems.

2. Chiropractic treatment can help with increasing energy

This benefit comes in two different ways. First, chiropractic treatment can reduce spine tension. Second, it can free the nerves and allow them to work in a more effective way. Often, people feel tense and sore for a long time without even noticing it. This is the stage when the pain becomes normal.

When the body is struggling with muscle pains and aches, together with an inefficient nervous system, there is the feeling of being down and exhausted.

increasing energyA chiropractic treatment will eliminate the pressure, and allow the body to function the way it is expected.

3. Chiropractic treatment can help with lowering blood pressure

One of the studies conducted by WebMD showed that the effect of chiropractic treatment for nerves located in the upper neck can be compared to the result of taking a double dose of blood pressure medications. Chiropractic circles refer to this specific manipulation as the “Atlas adjustment,” and it is popular in effectively stabilizing blood pressure.

lowering blood pressure

4. Chiropractic treatment can help with better breathing

Like the other parts of the body, the lungs rely on nerve function to function properly. The lungs are responsible for oxygenating the blood.

better breathing

A person who has a misalignment in the thoracic and mid-cervical regions, will lead to various lung abnormalities, including asthma. Correcting subluxations is the best solution for this problem since it can help in reducing the lung inflammation and increase proper breathing.


5. Chiropractic care can help with a healthier pregnancy and delivery

A woman’s body undergoes many important changes during pregnancy, and these changes can impact the function of the nervous system. The ligaments located in the pelvic area must be loosened to enable childbirth, while the weight increase brought on by pregnancy can result in instability that places pressure on the spine. These troubles can be prevented with regular chiropractic care, and it will help in ensuring a healthier mother and her child.

healthier pregnancy

Aside from relieving back pain and neck pain, there are more reasons why a visit to a chiropractor is a must. Chiropractic treatment from your Victor Chiropractor is safe, and it is the most natural way when it comes to helping the body heal itself.

If you are suffering from chronic pain due to an injury, or you simply need chiropractic care for better living, visit us at DeBole Chiropractic Care and Sports Rehab, and get the best treatment option.

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