Chiropractors Can Help Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

April 16, 2021
Chiropractors Can Help Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be your mortal enemy when it comes to your overall productivity. You can experience constant numbness, pain, and tingling in your arm and hand. Luckily, you do not need to suffer much from this condition. Your carpal tunnel specialist and a chiropractor can help you eliminate and treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

There are some instances where physicians suggest aggressive treatments like surgery and steroid injections to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. However, it is not as simple as you thought. Some patients worry about the possible risks and complications that they can experience in steroid injections and surgery. Aggressive treatment does not necessarily mean positive results in both the patient’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. That is the reason why chiropractic treatment provides a gentle process in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. It is not aggressive and complicated like the other processes, and it directly goes to the root of the pain. It gives you practical and safe treatment for your annoying carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

a picture of hands highlihted to show pain in the wrist

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when your tissues are compressed in your nerves, particularly the median nerve. The median nerve is a significant nerve located in your hand, and once it is compressed or stretched, you feel pain, tingling, and numbness. It starts with a group of spinal bones or cervical spine around your neck and goes into your arm and the passageway on your wrist. It puts pressure on your nerves, especially in your cervical spine and carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel syndrome gives you a feeling of uneasiness, pain, numbness, and tingling around your arm and hand. It could travel around your forearm into your shoulders. It causes shock waves sensation that affects your middle finger, ring finger, and even thumb and index finger. The weaknesses you feel are connected with carpal tunnel syndrome, leading to difficulty performing specific movements and grasping objects. Some cases include dropping objects unconsciously.

It is important to note that the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome tend to get worse as time passes by. If you are sleeping with your wrist bent, you may experience severe symptoms at night. During a day, carpal tunnel syndrome includes difficulty grasping objects or experiencing unusual pain while driving a car or using your mobile phone.

If you do not pay close attention to what is happening in your body, it might develop permanent damage in your median nerve. It could lead to chronic symptoms which can weaken your entire body. Once you put effort into treating it properly, you can minimize your risk and fully control your actions.

Once you are suffering from extreme damage, a surgical correction might be needed - it is also known as carpal tunnel release. This surgery minimizes the pressure in your median nerve that provides more room for your carpal tunnel. However, there is also a possibility that you will suffer from complications like bleedings, injuries, and infections.

If you want an alternative way to treat your carpal tunnel syndrome, you can visit your chiropractor for chiropractic treatment. It is safe, efficient, and a natural remedy to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. You do not need to undergo surgery and worry about the potential risks that you might experience.

Can A Chiropractor Diagnose Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

A medical professional wrapping a wrist in a bandage

Suppose you are in doubt that professional chiropractors cannot diagnose a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome. You do not need to worry about that because they all have the ability to assess any situation regarding the overall wellness of the body. Chiropractors have undergone training and hands-on treatment to ensure the safety and correct assessment for a patient. They also need to pass various tests and practical assessments before they acquire their license.

Given their experience, chiropractors can accurately and effectively diagnose a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome. It may seem difficult at first, but chiropractors master their expertise and ensure that they will treat you to their best abilities. They assess and provide accurate data related to nerve-related cases like carpal tunnel syndrome.

How does Chiropractic Treatment Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A person rubbing their wrist

Chiropractic treatment cures and lessens the spread of carpal tunnel syndrome by knowing the root cause. Once chiropractors know the history and the reason behind the pain, they can quickly treat the problem. They will assess the pain, symptoms that happened in you and undergo careful observations.

Chiropractors can quickly pinpoint the problem, for example, the irregularities in your cervical spine or other parts of your body that experience deep pressure. Once they know the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, they will proceed in giving appropriate massage therapy.

Massage therapy helps your muscles to feel relax and manageable. It reduces the inflammation in your body and tries to manipulate the irregularities. In general, chiropractic care focuses on reducing the pressure in your body.

How Does Massage Therapy treat carpal tunnel syndrome

A massage therapist massaging a wrist

If you are looking for a cost-efficient treatment that is non-invasive and effective for long-term relief, massage therapy is the best way to do that. It goes directly to the root of your carpal tunnel syndrome. It reduces the numbness and inflammation that are connected to your carpal tunnel syndrome. Remember that using heat can increase the inflammation in the affected areas of your body that can put pressure on your median nerve.

What are the exercises that you can use in treating carpal tunnel syndrome

You can do specific exercises to reduce the numbness and pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Start with lowering the pressure around your wrist and median nerves. It will help you to manage your range of motion and improve your hand function.

Here are the exercises that you can do

A hand squeezing a stress ball

  • Wrist Extension Stretch
  • Wrist Flexion Stretch
  • Medial Nerve Glides.

What are the things that you can expect during your healing process

Two handes with braces

The healing process for your carpal tunnel syndrome depends on how grave your situation is and the treatment that you have undergone. The process is once you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for a long time, your recovery process might take time.

Chiropractic care treatment can help you speed up your recovery process and improve your healing time. Chiropractic manipulation can minimize the pressure in your cervical spine and median nerve.

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