Massage Treatment to Address Musculoskeletal Disorders

April 13, 2021
Massage Treatment to Address Musculoskeletal Disorders

Managing the physiological and psychological traits connected with a musculoskeletal disorder is challenging. The best way to address this problem is by having massage therapy, combining it with proper treatment and management. Remember, massage can create a tremendous number of advantages that allow an individual to improve their overall body function and performance. It can decrease the pain they are suffering, improve their range of motion, and make their tissue flexible. There are a wide variety of massage techniques that you can use. It all varies on the stroke direction, depth, and rhythm.

What is Massage for Musculoskeletal Disorder

A man grimacing with pain while holding his neck

Musculoskeletal disorder is a general term that covers a variety of disorders that significantly affects the joints, and soft tissues including ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons. People’s common symptoms associated with this disease are extreme pain, stiffness, and limitation in a range of movements. If you are trying to figure out the causes of this pain, it could be the activity or your lifestyle itself and your work. Age is also one part that triggers the musculoskeletal disorder. Direct trauma like fall, jerking movements, and wear and tear

activities that you experienced in the past is also one of the determinants of this disorder.

When does Massage Therapy prevent Musculoskeletal Disorder?

A woman recieving a back massage

If you are experiencing the early signs of musculoskeletal disorder, having massage therapy is an excellent way to prevent it or dealing with the worst-case scenario. There are different situations where you can apply the massages. The following are the possible situations.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain that already lasts for more than 12 weeks. Luckily, massage therapy can reduce the pain or suffering that the person is experiencing. Chronic pain can occur in a different part of the body, and the massage aims to disturb the cycle of pain. It relieves and reduces the pain and helps you prevent long-term suffering.

Training Program

Being part of the training program comes with a variety of training and hands-on experiences. Training programs do not choose people to be part or participate in it. It is diverse, and it aims to provide realistic training procedures. The training program is essential because it improves your overall well-being, reduces weight, and prepares for an important event. It helps you build your muscles and minimize the chances of injury.

Post Surgery

If you recently had surgery, massage therapy can help you recover quickly. Every person who has undergone surgery suffers from extreme pain, scarring, and inflammation. Massage therapy can increase the chances of healing and break down the scar tissue.


It is one of the primary factors that affect the person’s feelings, responses, and movements. It is a normal response to anything that triggers your emotions. Suppose you are stressed, your physical and mental breakdown. Your muscles become tense that disrupts your overall performance. Massage can help you relieve stress and feel relax.

Tight Muscles

If you are suffering from tight muscles, you can relieve the pain through massage therapy. Having tight muscles is common, especially if you overuse your body, suffer from an injury, and have bad posture. It results in pain, stress, and even injury. With massage therapy, you can minimize the possibility of suffering from tight muscles, improve your movements, and improve your relaxation time.

What are the effects of Massage for Musculoskeletal disorder?

A man holding his lower back with left hand

Massage Therapy can produce a significant effect in the body of musculoskeletal disorder. The effects of the massage include:

Efficient Cellular Exchange

Massage therapy can help you increase the cellular exchange throughout your body. Cellular exchange refers to the distribution of the essential nutrients to your body and helps you regulate your oxygen and remove the waste products from your body. You can achieve an increasing cellular exchange once you improve your blood circulation. Once you increase the cellular exchange in your body, you can quickly maximize and increase your productivity and maintain healthy and vibrant muscles.

Decrease or prevent cortisol

One of the stress hormones that comes around your body is cortisol. It is a determinant that is usually found in your hypothalamus. Remember, if you have a low-level or limited amount of cortisol in your body, you can stay alert and aware of what is happening in your environment. It is important to note that massage can help you feel relaxed, calm and reduce cortisol in your body.

Realignment of your collagen fibers

Once you suffer from an injury, your body is disorganized. It is the reason why you feel pain, tightness, and even a limited range of motion. With proper massage, you can bring back your collagen tissue in its proper place. You can now enjoy doing your usual work, improve your productivity, and less worry about the pain.

What are the Benefits of Massage

Two hands giving a massage to a woman laying down

You can have a significant number of benefits once you start having a massage for your musculoskeletal disorder. It may be a long process, but it will surely give you the results that you wanted.

Decreased Pain. If you are suffering from pain because of musculoskeletal symptoms, massage therapy can relieve the pain. Limiting the pain undergoes a long process of increasing tissue temperature, removing waste products in the body, and the like - and all of these can be achieved with proper, regular massage therapy.

Improving Range of Movements. Suffering from limited movements is frustrating and can be a mood changer. Once you did not pay close attention to it, it could lead to depression, limited performance, high-risk for inquiry, and tightness of the muscles. However, with massage therapy, you can increase your bodily movements,  blood circulation and minimize scar tissue.

Relaxation. Daily massage therapy can help you improve your relaxation. It enables you to release endorphins and minimize the tension and pain that you are suffering. With compressive force in your tissues, you can reduce the scar tissue and bread the collagen tissues in your body.

Improvement in Flexibility. Once you increase your tissue temperature and decrease the scar tissue, you can easily increase your overall flexibility. With massage, you can improve your blood circulation and vasodilation. It helps you relax and realign your collagen fibers into their proper places.

Improve Healing. Musculoskeletal disorder slows down your body towards healing.  With massage, you can increase your blood circulation and increase the healing process throughout your cells.

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