8 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After Getting Into A Car Accident

February 3, 2021
8 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After Getting Into A Car Accident

More than three million people in the United States alone get injured in car accidents every year—and some victims are lucky enough to walk away without any severe injuries or even unharmed. However, you must realize that car accident injuries may go unnoticed for several days or even weeks after a car accident. These types of accidental injuries are a serious matter.

Even minor car accidents may cause detrimental neck pain alongside your back and spine, making it crucial to seek immediate medical attention and visiting a chiropractor right after an accident.

Here are eight reasons why you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractor right after getting into a car accident.

They Can Offer Faster Pain Reliefpills being poured into hand

Failing to treat your car accident injuries may result in debilitating pain that may last for several months or even years. These are often more challenging to treat, making you dependent on prescription medication, resulting in more severe side effects. That's because traditional medicine is only efficient in masking symptoms, mitigating the discomfort and pain only, and not treating the actual root problem.

In contrast, natural treatments like spinal manipulation and adjustment can treat your injury as a whole and not just the symptoms. These treatments can help realign your joints only after a few visits right after getting into an accident.

Adjustments Can Reduce Inflammation chiro adjusting someones back

When you get into a vehicle collision, expect your ligaments and muscles to have a couple of ruptures and tears. These are the main reasons why most people experience severe pain the day after the incident. Plus, these also result in the affected areas getting swollen, further adding to the pain factor. When getting adjustments, this can help your body release crucial anti-inflammatory substances, naturally reducing inflammation.

Treatments Can Reduce Headaches and Migraines girl holding temples with headaches

A common symptom after getting into an automobile accident that most victims would usually experience is headaches and migraines. Although car manufacturers have been improving their cars and enforcing safety in their vehicles, airbags and seatbelts don't protect your head and neck from suddenly jerking back and forth during a collision, leading to whiplash or even traumatic brain injury. Luckily, chiropractors can help by treating headaches and migraines.

They Can Alleviate Stress temple massage chiro

Even if you don't get injured, being part of a car accident or collision may cause you to experience severe stress, anxiety, or even trauma. These mental symptoms often manifest themselves into physical symptoms. For example, you may unconsciously clench your jaw and tense your body, leading to several conditions. Getting a spinal manipulation or adjustment can ease these issues, helping your body heal on its own.

The practice is known to have a massive effect on a person's nervous system. Studies reveal that people report feeling lower stress levels and living a better quality of life after an adjustment or two after an accident. Keep in mind that even the calmest people may experience stress after a car accident, so seek help immediately.

They Can Treat Unnoticed or 'Hidden' Injuries

Spiked adrenaline levels and shock may mask your symptoms after getting into a car accident for days or even weeks. Although it's normal to feel sore in the initial days following the incident—you may have hidden injuries. Unless you seek professional medical assistance, there's no way to know whether the soreness may heal by itself or it's a symptom of a more severe condition.

Visiting a chiropractor can help you discover any unnoticed or hidden injuries you may have, providing accurate information about your overall health and wellness.

It's An All-Natural and Drug-Free Treatmentcut of pills and hand holding those pills

Although pain medication may help with your issues, keep in mind that it's only masking your symptoms, providing temporary relief. If medications aren't necessary, opting for all-natural treatment is ideal than the traditional medication approach as it may produce unwanted side effects. Natural remedies like spinal adjustments and manipulations can help your body heal itself.

When getting into an automobile accident, the collision's force may throw your spine and other joints out of their designated alignments. By adjusting and restoring these joints to their initial positions, you get to experience pain relief immediately.

They Can Help Document Your Injuries Immediately doctor with clipboard with doctors in background

After getting into a collision, you'd naturally want your injuries to get properly recorded by a medical professional, regardless of their severity. In most cases, victims only get a few days to document any injuries they may have to become eligible for personal injury protection, insurance benefits, and other compensations. An excellent all-around chiropractor may help by thoroughly examining your state, establishing the extent of your pain and injuries immediately.

Additionally, most of these professionals often work with personal injury lawyers, giving you the legal representation you need to make a strong accident claim, helping you get the compensations you deserve.

It Helps You Avoid Long-term Pain and Medical Proceduresneedle drawing liquid from vial

Finally, a crucial reason you should get adjustments or manipulations after getting into a car accident is to stop feeling pain. After all, getting injured in a vehicle collision may produce untold damages to your neck, back, and spine. Visiting these professionals and getting the natural treatment they offer mitigates the problem's root and helps ease the pain—long-term.

In essence, the most crucial thing to remember is to get early treatment after getting into a car accident, even if you think you feel 'fine' afterward, preventing you from worsening possible injuries and keeping you in the best condition possible. Injuries from an automobile accident may show up after a couple of days or even weeks after the event, so ensure to see your chiropractor immediately. They can help make the adjustments your spine needs and suggest massage techniques and gentle exercises, efficiently relieving pain while helping you regain full range of motion.head massage chiro

If you're looking for a capable professional to help you after getting into a car accident, Dr. Debole is the one for you. He's a well-decorated and experienced chiropractic and wellness advocate working for numerous facilities, including DeBole chiropractic.

Get immediate and top-quality care from Dr. Norman O'Dell at DeBole to help you recover from any accidents quickly and safely. 

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