Enjoying Nature and Wildlife In Victor, NY

October 25, 2021

Nature centers are often found within a protected open area and include pathways throughout their grounds. Some nature centers are complete with trails, observation towers, and more.

Victor New York has several wonderful nature centers to visit.

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Hidden Valley Animal Adventure 

Visiting this place with the family is an excellent idea in New York. More than hundreds of animals are at home in the park, representing exotic species. For kids, it’s a beautiful place where they can get up close and personal with creatures from all over the world.

The park is home to many animals. You might get to see some of your favorites and even find some new ones! Hidden Valley Animal Adventures will provide you with a safari experience without you having to travel to Africa.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Victor’s Park

It was only a few acres when the Rosenthal Gifford Zoo opened. The zoo houses animals from all over the world. Since it opened 43 years ago, it has grown to 43 acres. A zoo brings you close to the world’s most fantastic animals, from the smallest reptile to the tallest mammal.

Our Adaptation adventure at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo will teach you about nocturnal species, their inherited characteristics, and how they evolved—ever heard of a naked mole-rat? Take a look.

The Asian elephants are an excellent show for children, and they even play with penguins diving and swimming as you watch them.

Zoo world offers so many animal fun activities. It is a great reason to visit this top zoo in the country! Come to a zoo like no other!

A wild wildlife park, Victor NY

A great way to spend time with the whole family! Children can get up close to their favorite animals, including the clouded leopard, cheetah, camels, and rattlesnakes.

Children can learn all about these incredible creatures in naturalistic settings in the park. One of the best ways to do this is to catch a daily animal show! The cheetahs and tigers get fed throughout the day, and there are several feeds and shows where you can learn about their lives.  

Can you imagine enjoying a jumping house at a zoo? That’s what you can do at Wild Animal Park! 

Victor, NY, is the perfect place for nature lovers!

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