The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Jaw Realignment

August 22, 2021
The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Jaw Realignment - Norman O'Dell

Many people can benefit from getting their jaw realigned. This is because the muscles in your face and neck will relax, leading to less pain in these areas. Additionally, you may be able to breathe more easily and have an easier time talking. Let's discuss some of the benefits you may experience after having your jaw realigned with a qualified specialist.

What is jaw realignment, and how does it work?

The amount of time needed for this procedure varies depending on how far off you are from, even in terms of alignment. Some people might only need an adjustment here and there, while others may require surgery to achieve symmetry.

The benefits of having your jaw realigned:

  • You'll have less pain because muscles around your neck will relax more easily;
  • Your breathing should be more accessible as well as talking since you're able to open up wider;
  • There's less strain on your muscles.
  • You'll feel more comfortable and self-confident in social settings since you can chew food better;
  • Your appearance may improve, such as when smiling or laughing.

When should I talk to my doctor about jaw realignment?

If these symptoms persist for months at a time, it might be worth talking with your doctor:

  • Neck pain that doesn't go away after taking care of it yourself,
  • Frequent headaches or migraines from the tension around your head and shoulders,
  • Difficulty chewing certain foods because some teeth aren't aligned properly,
  • Having difficulties breathing through one side of your nose due to obstruction occurring on only one side of the nasal passage.

If any of this applies to you, then speak with a qualified specialist to see if a jaw realignment would benefit you.

What is the process after I've had my jaw realigned?

After having your jaw aligned, it will still take time before you start noticing any benefits from this procedure. For example, it could be weeks or months until you feel like your neck muscles are less tense and pain-free. Additionally, not all changes from this surgery should happen immediately but over time as scar tissue heals with time.

The doctor will go in periodically to make sure everything's healing alright and adjust anything that needs attention during these visits, so there shouldn't be much downtime for patients who have their jaws realigned by qualified specialists.

It's essential to keep up with post-op instructions to heal correctly and avoid complications such as infection or an inability to chew your food.

Making sure you have the best information possible can help decide whether jaw realignment is proper for you. Of course, it will require time before you notice changes, but it's worth asking questions and getting more details if this procedure interests you!

If other symptoms may be related, speak with your doctor immediately because they could be signs of something serious. If everything checks out, though, then talk to qualified specialists about having your jaws aligned so that everyone involved knows what they're dealing with during surgery day.

Why you should get your jaw realigned

holding jaw

One of the most prevalent worries that you will hear about is TMJ disorder. This condition starts with your jaws and can cause a lot of pain and damage to the teeth and facial muscles. The primary goal for treating this is to realign or make it more aligned with your jaw so it doesn't hurt anymore.

Here are some reasons why people benefit from having their jaw realigned:

  • They stop experiencing pain in general when they chew food.
  • The reduction of TMJ symptoms may improve the quality and quantity of sleep, which has been shown to increase productivity at work or school.
  • It will also make your teeth look a lot better! You'll be able to smile again with confidence because you're not hiding behind your hand from embarrassment anymore.

How to find a qualified chiropractor in your area

woman holding jaw showing doctor pain

The jaw realignment procedure also called orthognathic surgery or a maxillomandibular advancement (MMA), is designed to improve the alignment of your teeth and jaws. This type of treatment can be done at any age but is most often recommended for adolescents when there is still some growing left in the mouth before permanent teeth erupt.

It may be recommended for adults who have suffered from trauma to their face, which includes injuries such as broken bones that affect the position of one's upper and lower mandible. In many cases, this kind of injury will result in long-term problems like speech impediments because they would not align correctly with each other without treatment.

The goal here is always to improve the function of your teeth and jaws. For example, if you have an overbite or underbite, this will cause your jaw to push into other parts of your mouth, leading to problems like tooth wear and decay and crowding on either side. 

The purpose is always to ensure that both sides are aligned correctly so that a person's teeth don't need braces in adulthood for corrective treatment.

One standard procedure used by many orthodontists involves putting brackets on each side with wires attached between them while using elastics or springs behind the patient's head. This creates pressure against their back molars until they move forward again, where it would be easier for them to align themselves properly without any braces.

But orthognathic surgery is a more invasive procedure that involves cutting and repositioning the bones on both sides to relieve pressure in some cases where an overbite or an underbite can't be corrected with this type of treatment. It's also possible for them to cut out part of the upper jaw so that it will lie flat against the lower one, which means any dental work done afterward may have to consider these changes.

You need to consider many things, including how severe your condition is and what might happen if nothing gets treated at all. A qualified chiropractor like Dr. Norman O'Dell (Debole) of DeBole Chiropractic in Victor, NY, can advise people struggling with this problem.

Chiropractic care is known to help people with jaw alignment problems because it can help to relieve the pressure in their jaws. This is done by correcting any misalignment caused by a person's spine, which will allow them to avoid the invasive procedure that may not be necessary for them and potential side effects like those mentioned above.

There are many conditions that chiropractic care can improve, and you should consult your doctor before making an appointment, so they have time to review all of your medical records beforehand:

  • Jaw pain or cramping
  • Difficulty chewing food properly due to tooth wear or spacing issues
  • Inability to open mouth wide enough (due either from overbite or underbite)
  • Clicking when opening and closing mouth
  • Crowding of teeth can lead to tooth decay and damage, as well as difficulty chewing food.

Common side effects of not getting your jaw realigned 

person holding jaw

A misaligned jaw can prose a host of issues, including headaches and neck pain.

Jaw misalignment can also make it hard to breathe through your nose. You may find yourself constantly clearing your throat due to a buildup of excess mucus. Your lips or tongue may even be numb because the nerve is compressed between two bony structures on either side of the jaw joint.

One disturbing consequence of not getting treatment for crooked teeth is tooth loss - that's right, malocclusion (i.e., bad alignment) will cause teeth to break, fall out, and decay faster.

It is essential to know that not all jaw realignment procedures are the same. The method selected will depend on the severity of your malocclusion (i.e., how crooked or crowded your teeth are).

If you're experiencing severe pain in your neck, jaws, or head, like numbness in lips and tongue, difficulty breathing through the nose, and broken/lost tooth(s), then it's time for a mouth examination. An orthodontist or chiropractor trained in corrective jaw treatment techniques can recommend treatment options that suit your needs best.

Tips for recovering from chiropractic adjustments for jaw realignment

woman smiling looking at teeth model

The tips below will help you recover from your adjustments and feel great!

Tip 1: Rest, hydrate, and sleep well

It's essential to take it easy when recovering from chiropractic adjustments for jaw realignment. Try not to do anything strenuous or overexert yourself--especially in the first few days following an adjustment.

If you can't avoid physical activity altogether, start by doing gentle stretches before gradually increasing intensity as long as no pain flares up during the exercise routine.

Also, ensure that you're staying adequately hydrated (about 12-16 cups per day) and getting enough quality rest at night (at least seven hours of sleep).

Tip 2: Take care of your oral health and appearance

It's essential to take good care of your teeth during recovery from jaw realignment. Brush frequently, floss daily, rinse with a saltwater mouthwash twice per day, drink lots of fluids--especially ones without sugars or artificial sweeteners. These can cause bacteria buildup in the mouth--and limit intake at least six hours before bedtime when it could lead to dry mouth issues if not enough saliva is produced that may interfere with restful sleeping.

This also means sticking to a healthy diet for optimal dental wellness, such as avoiding too many foods high in sugar like candy bars or sugary soda drinks. Of course, it goes without saying to avoid tobacco smoke, too.

Tip 3: Use a cold compress on your jaw for pain relief

It may be tempting to use heat--like warm compresses or heating pads--to help with the post-adjustment soreness and stiffness. Still, it's better if you stick to cold compression instead so that there is no downtime from warming up tissues which could lead to delayed recovery time.

This works well because it helps stabilize joint structures by providing support through ice therapy while at the same time reducing inflammation, as we know how important this can be in healing processes.

Think of using an ice pack (or even just frozen vegetables wrapped inside a towel) for 20 minutes every hour during waking hours until symptoms have subsided over time.

Final words

woman getting neck adjusted

It's essential to take it easy when recovering from a chiropractic adjustment for jaw alignment. It can be hard work getting back into everyday life following an injury or illness where pain relief is needed. This website,, can give you thorough details of what to expect with jaw realignment and how it can benefit you mentally and physically.

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