All You Need to Know About Chiropractic To Help You Get Your Back Cracked

October 20, 2020

all you need to know about chiro to help get your back cracked

Sports injuries and aging can cause back pains. Even a wrong sleeping position can cause you discomfort. Back pain is a fact of life that one will suffer sooner or later, but you may ask, “What causes back pain?” The known and usual causes of back pain are accidental falling, frequent bending or coughing due to strenuous work or activity, lifting heavy objects more than what your body can do, and extreme physical exertion due to overtraining or work. Chiropractic treatment can remedy some back pains, but the worst back injury may need surgery as well. 

Regardless of the causes and reasons for having back pain, the discomfort to excruciating pain, acute or chronic, can disrupt your daily routine. Worst is, it won’t only prevent you from doing what you love, but it cause you permanent injury later on. With this, it is essential to seek medical treatment or visit a back pain chiropractor in Debole to seek a low back pain chiropractic.  

What is a low back strain, and how does it feel like? 

person holding lower back in pain

You may feel a numbing sensation, a jolting pain, or extreme discomfort on your lower back. The cause of this is a series of strains on your back muscle and ligaments due to stretching your back too far that may cause tiny tears in the muscle tissue. Straining your muscles may lead to a weakened muscle that correctly holds the bones of your spinal column. Due to this, your spine becomes unstable, which causes you to low back pain. So, as mentioned above, straining your back may be caused by one or two of these reasons: extreme physical exertion, accidental falling, lifting heavy objects, and frequent crouching or bending. 

The strain on your back can also be caused by the wrong posture, not in good shape or overweight, and sitting in the stationary and the same position for too long. Emotional stress can also cause you back pain. However, there are far more alarming causes of back pain that you need to be wary of. Slipped discs, pinched nerves, fractures, arthritis, tumors, and infections can also cause excruciating back pain. An MRI or a bone scan may be needed to check the cause of your back pain, or a visit to a back pain chiropractor might be required.

So, if you are feeling these low back pain symptoms: 

    • Stiffness and pain in your back
    • Jolting pain that worsens when you bend and stretch, even when you sneeze or cough
    • Pain that you feel from your buttocks down to your legs and in the back of your thigh 

If you feel one or two symptoms, you need to immediately seek medical help or explore the option of low back pain chiropractic at Debole. It is important to remember that the numbness or weakness that you will feel in your legs and problems in your bladder and bowel functions can be signs of nerve damage, which needs urgent attention and perhaps a chiropractic treatment. In some cases, aside from MRI, your health professional may even require you to undergo an X-ray and a CT scan to determine the cause of your low back pain, especially if the problem is not going away. 

Most people who experienced back pain caused by daily strenuous activities that may lead to the wear and tear of the muscle, overuse muscles, or sports and work injuries can be treated at home after giving yourself a much-needed break and rest. Taking pain relievers will also help ease the pain, and a good massage will again do the trick. However, if the back pain persists, consider visiting a chiropractor for good cracking your back. Alternative and non-invasive treatment, like chiropractic, is always better than relying on medicines. 

Does aging cause back pain?

woman in back pain

You may ask, “How come I am feeling frequent back pains nowadays compared to my younger days?” Well, it should not come as a surprise since back pains can be due to aging as well. As one adds age, or add wisdom as others may call it, aging also causes your muscles to strain easily. A seemingly harmless activity of reaching a box of cereal in the top shelf can cause you to overstretch your muscles, leading to muscle straining. 

If you are working and sitting in the office for eight hours a day and driving for an hour or so to get to work and get home after, it may cause you back pain.  Bad posture may also cause back pain, which is all accentuated with age. Degenerative diseases like osteoporosis can also give you back discomfort. It should no longer surprise if the simple activities you can do when you are younger seem to be a challenging task when you age. So, if you reach 40 something onwards, a regular visit to a chiropractor at Debole may be necessary. 

Why should you consider chiropractic treatment?

person pointing out pain to chiro

Chiropractors can treat your back pain, and it can also treat other health conditions, like neck pain, and headaches. Straining a muscle and ligament, and treatment for joint injuries and disorders are also part of the chiropractic services that one could avail at Debole. It is also to remember that chiropractors undergo and passed ]extensive training to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems. So, treating your back pain problems is one of the specialties when you visit a chiropractor clinic at Debole for a low back pain chiropractic.

Treatments are also holistic, which not only involves cracking your back to relieve back pain, but chiropractors also offer to counsel on nutrition, diet, and a healthy lifestyle. Since gaining pounds more than your body can handle can cause back pain. Your chiropractor will help you monitor your lifestyle to make sure that you are helping yourself ease the pain in your back. So, before you sign up for surgery, which is an invasive form of treatment, it is best first to explore a holistic option. More often than not, straining your back can be remedied by having enough rest, a healthy lifestyle, and a regular visit to your chiropractor. 

What can a chiropractor do? 

person getting back adjusted

A back pain chiropractor knows and performs spinal manipulation mostly by using their hands. Some chiropractors also use a device to apply force in small amounts or more forceful thrust to your spine and neck. Spinal manipulation is more effective when combined with other holistic treatments like relaxation techniques, massages, hot and cold therapies, proper exercise and stretching, electrical stimulation, and counseling on healthy lifestyle and nutrition. 

If you are curious if there are risks from injury after a chiropractor treatment, the risk is generally low if a licensed chiropractic practitioner performs the treatment.  Generally, you will feel mild side effects after treatment. The side effects are mostly still, sore, and achy muscles that could last a day or even two after the chiropractic treatment. Some people may experience other symptoms like dizziness or a slight headache, but it should not worry. 

Chiropractors can also do neck manipulation and not just cracking your back. The artery in your neck can also be strained due to bad posture, bad sleeping position, and high-velocity rotation. Whiplash, movements from competitive sports, extreme coughing, or vomiting can also weaken your neck muscles. 

It is to note, however, that spinal manipulation is not for everyone. If you have an underlying condition, and if car accidents or other extreme causes cause your pain, a bone scan or MRI, ultrasound, and X-ray may be needed first. Aside from visiting your chiropractor, a visit to your general care physician might be necessary as well. 

Should you visit a chiropractor to crack your back?

woman getting back adjusted

Should you decide to visit a chiropractor, there are things that you need to keep in mind, which includes:

  • Check if your insurance covers the treatments for chiropractic services.
  • As for a referral on good chiropractic service providers in your like or explore the website of Debole for more information about the services that they offer. 
  • When you choose a chiropractor, look for someone who can offer holistic treatment and not just the cracking of your back, spine, and neck manipulation. 
  • Some injuries may need an MRI, X-ray, or ultrasound first, which a responsible chiropractor might advise since it may depend on your case or type of injury.
  • A good chiropractor is willing to refer you to a health specialist if your injury warrants it. 
  • Provides counseling on proper exercise and stretching, healthy lifestyle, and nutrition.

However, you must avoid chiropractors who only uses an X-ray as a standard diagnostic test. Bear in mind that an X-ray alone won’t show the extent of the injury and its causes. Uses manipulation to treat health problems not related to chiropractic and avoid those who also use manipulation to treat an unrealistic list of ailments and health problems.

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