Addressing Degenerative Disc Disease and Treating Your Lower Back Pain

September 21, 2020

addressing degenerative disc disease and treating your lower back pain

Adding years on your born day will not only be made one wiser, but age can also make one susceptible to bodily pains, including degenerative disc disease or simply called lower back pain. It happens when one or two discs between the vertebrae in your spinal column degenerate over the years; thus, causing you discomfort and pain. If you haven’t experienced this yet, good for you. It is a type of pain that you won’t be able to ignore, especially that it radiates and affects your lower extremities that could make your legs numb and weak. Don’t fret. There are treatments for degenerative disc disease. Simply visit your lower back pain chiropractor for treatment plans to help you

manage the symptoms and pain. 

What are the Causes of Degenerative Disc Disease? diagram of skeleton with pain marked in red

Adulting and aging can be stressful and strenuous. Work can be harder, and injuries can be frequent. As people age, daily stresses and occasional injuries on your vertebrae can eventually damage your discs, resulting in the following changes: 

  • Aging decreases the disc thinner's fluid content and becomes not so useful in absorbing shock and cushion on your back disc. A young healthy adult has 90% fluid in the intervertebral disc, but fluid leaks could happen once one age. 
  • The wear and tear that could lead to cracks and damage in the disc. The cracks can cause leaks of the viscous material found in the inner part of the disc, resulting in bulging or rupturing of the disc. The worst that could happen is the breakage into the disc's fragments, and you don’t want this to happen. A quick visit to your low back pain chiropractor would be necessary. 

Although aging, wear and tear are inevitable, lower back pain becomes likely as well. The reason for this is when the vertebrae have less padding due to fluid leaks, which makes the spine become less stable. For the body to cope, it builds bone spurs or osteophytes. These are small bony projections on the edge of the bones, which could press against the spinal cord and cause excruciating pain. To avoid this unpleasant pain and numbing, a visit to your low back pain chiropractic on a regular visit will help you avoid degenerative disc disease. 

What are the Risk Factors of Degenerative Disc Disease? man getting lower back adjusted by chiro

As mentioned, age is the foremost

risk factor. However, some young people develop this disease due to several risk factors like obesity, strenuous work or physical activity, tobacco or cigarette smoking, and back injury. People often ignore the small and often harmless back injury, but degenerative disc pain starts from minor injuries. With this, back pain can become a debilitating pain after some time. Before this happens, a visit to a lower back pain chiropractic even after a seemingly harmless injury is needed. 

What are the Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease? woman getting back adjusted while sitting with yellow back diagram showing spine

Back pain from twitching a muscle is different from the pain from degenerative disc disease. Mentholated patches and rubs can ease discomfort from sports injuries and pulled muscles, but the degenerative disc disease can be so intense that it affects your daily activities. So, before you experience degenerative disc disease symptoms, consult your back pain chiropractor or doctor before your condition gets worse. 

If you have degenerative disc disease, you may experience one or two of the following symptoms: 

  • Simple back pain could lead to mild and even debilitating pain and back stiffness.
  • Back pain and weakness that radiates to the other areas of your body.
  • Damage to the lumbar or lower back may radiate to your buttocks and upper thighs. You may feel a tingling sensation, numbness in both legs or feet. A list to the lower back pain chiropractor or doctor will be necessary even before numbness sets in. 
  • The damage on your cervical spine can radiate pain and discomfort that may spread to your shoulder, arm, and even hand.
  • Muscle spasms may seem harmless, but they could be excruciating if the spasms are on the neck and back.
  • Flareups of extreme or intense pain are enough reasons to book an appointment with back pain relief chiropractor soon.
  • An ordinary activity like sitting, bending your back, lifting objects, and even the simple task of walking, changing positions, and lying down can be harrowing.  

How to Treat Degenerative Disc Disease and Back Pain? doctor pointing out back joints on a model spine

Some people seek back pain treatment only if they could no longer take the discomfort and suffering. However, consulting a lower back pain chiropractor or doctor even before the onset of pain is a wiser decision instead of seeking pain relief after experiencing extreme pain. Since one of the causes of a degenerative disc disease is age, doing your part by researching back pain and chiropractic will help you better prepare for the inevitable degenerative disc disease.

woman getting back adjusted by chiro

If you are wary about the back pain after chiropractic, worry not. Your chiropractor will help you manage back pain, maintain mobility and bodily functions, and enjoy life at home and at work. Although surgery is an option to manage back pain, it is invasive or quite extensive, which you may not want. Instead, your doctor will help you manage back pain after chiropractor most probably advises you to take chiropractic manipulation by a licensed and professional chiropractor.  Other treatments for back pain include pain medication, epidural injections, a regular back massage, and ultrasound.

two hands pressing against someones back close up

You can also help yourself address back pain through regular exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation to improve blood circulation. Using ergonomics to ensure proper posture will also help. However, you should learn appropriate training to strengthen your back and muscles and lift techniques to ease the pressure from your back and avoid damaging your disc. Wearing a body brace or corset can also help correct your posture and relieve stress off your back. If you are unsure of what to do, worthingdentalcentre visit your lower back pain chiropractor instead.

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