Chiropractor for Carpal Tunnel: 5 Facts And Treatment Options

August 22, 2021
Chiropractor for Carpal Tunnel: 5 Facts And Treatment Options - Norman O'Dell Debole

Do you have carpal tunnel symptoms? There are many different treatment options available. One option that is often overlooked is chiropractic care. Chiropractors can help to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. This article will explore some of the benefits of chiropractic care for carpal tunnel and how a chiropractor can be an essential part of your recovery plan.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

person holding wrist carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that occurs when the median nerve in your wrist gets compressed. The most common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is repetitive motion or pressure on the outside of your wrist, but it can also be caused by other health conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disease. 

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms may include: pain in the hands, numbness, tingling around fingers or wrists, muscle weakness where you feel like you are shaking all over (especially at night), difficulty gripping objects with one hand, swollen fingers/wrists from fluid build-up due to inflammation.

What Can You Do At Home For Carpal Tunnel?

There isn't much relief for CTS symptoms unless we find out what's causing the pressure on your nerve, but there are some things you can do to reduce inflammation and pain. Some of these include:

  • Treating carpal tunnel with a brace or splint that immobilizes your wrist
  • Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen/acetaminophen
  • Using ice packs for 15 minutes (place one in the freezer before you go to sleep) - helps numb painful parts while reducing swelling and inflammation.
  • Making adjustments in the work environment, such as taking frequent breaks from repetitive tasks to let hands rest. Break up workouts into shorter sessions instead of continuous repetitions where wrists remain bent forward during the exercise. Make sure grip is firm when lifting weights, so weight doesn't shift onto the injured wrist; secure any objects you need to carry with your hands and not in a pocket or bag.
  • Taking up other forms of exercise such as swimming, cycling, walking. This improves circulation, which helps reduce swelling.
  • Putting pressure on the ulnar (little) finger for 30 seconds at a time - can be done while sitting down or lying on the stomach.

If there are no improvements after doing these exercises for two weeks, please make an appointment with a chiropractor! They may have different methods that they can try out before recommending surgery.

One important thing to note is that if you're pregnant, it's imperative to take extreme precautions when dealing with carpal tunnel because, during pregnancy, nerve pathways relax and become more susceptible to injury.

5 Facts About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

typing carpal tunnel
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can also be caused by other things like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, or hypothyroidism.-The disease is caused by the compression of a nerve in your wrist or hand. The carpal tunnel leads to this area and becomes inflamed from pressure on that nerve.
  • A carpal tunnel syndrome common symptoms include numbness in the hand, tingling, and pain.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by repetitive motion. If you have a job where your hands are repeatedly making the same motions, it can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Treatment options vary depending on how severe the case is, but they may include wrist splints, surgery, chiropractic care, and steroid injections into the area near that nerve. Commonly prescribed medications include steroids such as Cortisone shots which help reduce inflammation around that nerve in hand. Speech therapy also helps many patients who experience Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in their wrists, like trouble gripping an object tightly enough to open cans.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is also more common in women than men. Women are three times more likely to get this condition than men. This might be due to their smaller or narrower carpal tunnel, which places greater pressure on that nerve when they stress that area of the body.

The most effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is surgery. Still, before undergoing a procedure, there are other options available, including taking over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium and using splints or braces at night while sleeping to immobilize your wrist joint while resting. The use of these types of remedies can help decrease inflammation from compression caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

To help decrease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, try some of these remedies before you get surgery:

  • Resting your hand and wrist area as much as possible to reduce inflammation.
  • Taking over the counter medications like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium for pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Wearing a splint at night while sleeping to immobilize your wrist joint if it is excruciating when trying to move it without any outside pressure applied to that region not to aggravate the condition.

If any of these symptoms occur for more than six weeks or worsen and don't improve with rest or pain medication, see your doctor tested for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You can also check this website: for chiropractic care to help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with CTS.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractors are trained professionals who specialize in spinal and joint manipulation. They don't use drugs or perform surgery but work with the body to heal themselves from mechanical malfunctions that may have occurred during pregnancy, birth, accidents, or daily activities like working on a computer all day. 

The doctor's job is to help you improve your function by making sure the joints between your spine and limbs stay lined up correctly so they can move smoothly without strain on any one part of your back.

This helps keep pressure off your nerves, which reduces pain. A chiropractor will also teach you how to do some exercises at home for carpal tunnel relief, such as wrist stretches and finger extensors.

There are many benefits to chiropractic care, including no risk of infection from needles and no need for anesthesia. Also, people with carpal tunnel syndrome often have a limited range of motion in the neck and shoulder area which can cause a lot more problems than what's happening at their wrist.

Chiropractors will provide relief by adjusting any misalignment so your body can heal itself. Chiropractor treatment isn't just about making life easier - it also helps prevent further issues like chronic pain or even surgery down the line.

Symptoms And Treatment Options Of Carpal Tunnel

wrist pain carpal tunnel

Understanding the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is a big step in finding treatment options. Besides the pain and numbness that occurs when you have CTS, some of these symptoms include difficulty gripping objects with one hand (especially at night), swelling fingers/wrists from fluid build-up due to inflammation.

Once you have these symptoms, a visit to your doctor is the next step in diagnosing. If you have any of these conditions: diabetes, hypothyroidism, or rheumatoid arthritis, then it's likely that you also have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Suppose your diagnosis reveals that CTS will be treated with surgery. In that case, this may not always be necessary and could worsen the condition if there are underlying problems like thyroid disease or obesity, resulting in complications from anesthesia drugs during recovery time. 

In some cases where surgical intervention is done for CTS patients without other disorders, they might find themselves going through months (or years) of physical therapy due to post-op pain and numbness.

There are alternatives available such as wearing night splints or taking a course of over-the-counter drugs to help with symptoms. These options can be considered before surgery, especially if there are underlying conditions that might complicate things or lead to long-term pain and numbness post-operation.

Why Consider Chiropractic Care For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Over Surgery Or Medication?

hand adjustment carpal tunnel

Chiropractic care is one of the known alternatives to medication and surgery. This non-invasive and drug-free treatment has been shown in some studies to be efficient and effective.

In addition, the approach of chiropractic care is holistic - meaning that they take into account your overall health as well as treating any immediate condition at hand. This includes looking at nutrition (primarily if carpal tunnel syndrome occurs because of obesity), sleep habits, stress levels, and other factors which might contribute to CTS. 

Chiropractors are also trained in physical therapy and can help you recover from surgery or provide relief with over-the-counter treatments before considering surgical options for treatment.

It is wise then to consider chiropractic care first when it comes to considerations on what will work best for your needs regarding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain management symptoms. Most patients are satisfied with chiropractic care as a first option and, in the long-term, it can be considered more cost-effective.

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike Debole of Debole Chiropractic in Victor, New York, to help ease pain and discomfort regarding your carpal tunnel syndrome. Furthermore, Dr. Debole is a well-versed chiropractor who has helped patients relieve pain through chiropractic adjustments. 

How Can Chiropractors Ease Pain and Discomfort Associated With Carpal Tunnel?

hand adjustment carpal tunnel

Chiropractors are experts in natural, drug-free methods of treatment. They can provide relief to those with carpal tunnel and other types of nerve pain by using various techniques and therapies that address the cause of the discomfort instead of just treating its symptoms.

The chiropractic care model is based on three core principles:

  • Take great care in listening to what your body says (chiropractors will talk about themselves as patient advocates).
  • Working together with you as an equal partner.
  • Encouraging lifestyle adjustments for long-term success.

Patients are encouraged to receive regular treatments from their medical professionals and do things like making changes at home like switching out pillows and mattresses or altering sleeping positions not to compress the nerve.

If you have any questions about chiropractic care for carpal tunnel, you can raise them on your visit with your chiropractor. Furthermore, this treatment plan may be covered by your insurance.

Chiropractors will also help you work with your employer to determine what accommodations need to be made. The discomfort is not at its worst during business hours and can even provide referral for additional medical care when necessary.

Chiropractic Treatment: Benefits, Risk, And Eligibility

woman cracking wrist and fingers at desk

The most beneficial treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is rest and time. Patients should avoid any activities or movements that cause pain to worsen because this will permanently damage their hands. If you're experiencing numbness in your fingers or extreme tingling sensations at night, it might be a good idea to consult with a doctor about what can be done to provide relief from these symptoms so they don't get worse over time. 

In general, doctors retin-a may prescribe an antinociceptive medication like Tylenol that has proven effective against relieving hand pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome. It should also help patients trying to cope by using a splint to help reduce their symptoms.

However, instead of resonating with medications or surgery, chiropractic care should be considered an effective alternative.

Here are five facts about chiropractic care for carpal tunnel that will show why it might be the best solution:

Constant pain relief from chiropractor therapy. This is a non-invasive treatment where minor adjustments are made to the spine, increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation in joints. With this method of rehabilitation, patients have reported feeling better after only one adjustment.

Chiropractors emphasize hands-on healing methods over drugs or surgery. Some people may find them too gentle at first because they don't make any quick fixes like popping back into place bones or making incisions on muscles to cut away damaged tissue. However, these techniques result in more long-term relief than medications or surgeries.

The least expensive option, which is a huge plus. It's also safer for people with certain medical conditions or those who are pregnant. And even if other therapies fail, it may still provide some relief to the carpal tunnel symptoms in addition to their usual treatments without any side effects.

It works on everyone, so there isn't much of an excuse not to try it out! Even though chiropractic care has been used as therapy since 1895 and can be traced back 500 years ago, many people don't know about this alternative treatment yet because they've only ever seen commercials for drugs or surgery that offer quick fixes.

Chiropractor's goal is to help patients achieve a state of balance on all levels to be successful in life and well-being. This is accomplished by treating the whole body, not just one part of it. With that said, if you're experiencing carpal tunnel pain due to repetitive strain or injury, then chiropractic care might be your best choice for treatment because it focuses on relieving symptoms rather than masking them with drugs or surgery."

Without any side effects! Many people don't know about this alternative treatment yet because they've only ever seen commercials for drugs or surgery that offer quick fixes. But with more long-term relief than medications or surgeries after adjustments are made. It's also safe for those with certain medical conditions like pregnancy - and the least expensive option.

This is a non-invasive treatment where minor adjustments are made to the spine, increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation in joints. With this method of rehabilitation, patients have reported feeling better after only one adjustment.

Risk Factors And Eligibility For Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractors can help many patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, but not all of them are eligible for treatment in the first place. The risk factors determining eligibility include:

  • Being over 18 years old.
  • Having no other health conditions besides carpal tunnel symptoms (such as heart disease).
  • Experiencing symptoms at least six months before seeking care from a chiropractor.

Moreover, those who experienced neurological problems such as numbness or tingling on both sides of their body may also be ineligible for chiropractic treatment.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For CTS

  • 66% of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome improved after chiropractic therapy
  • Relief from pain and numbness within one to two weeks aftercare was received.
  • Chiropractor cialis treatment is a non-invasive alternative to surgery or drugs that can relieve CTS symptoms without any side effects.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are about four million cases of carpal tunnel syndrome each year in the United States alone. This makes it an epidemic - but even worse, most people don't know what causes this condition and how they can treat it themselves at home because many only see commercials promoting surgical options such as wrist braces or cortisone injections.

Final Words

hand adjustment carpal tunnel

The bottom line is that carpal tunnel syndrome is a common ailment treated with chiropractic care. Suppose you're experiencing carpal tunnel pain due to repetitive strain or injury. In that case, chiropractic care might be a suitable choice for treatment because it focuses on relieving symptoms rather than masking them with drugs or surgery.

It's also the least expensive option, which is a huge plus - and even if other therapies fail, it may provide some relief without any side effects!

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